4,000-Year-Old Stone-Carved Tomb Discovered in Egypt

Stone-carved sarcophagus in Saqqara

Chimauchem Nwosu Researchers have described a burial chamber they found in Egypt, a stone-sculptured one, as an archeological marvel exemplifying the ancient builder’s impressive mastery of masonry.An archaeological team from Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) and Japan’s Kanazawa University have unearthed a rock-hewn tomb in Saqqara’s necropolis.This intricate monolithic structure contains exclusive artefacts and human remains believed to be about four millennia old, from the Second Dynasty.The scientists described the sarcophagus as an archaeological phenomenon, showcasing its maker’s exceptional skills in masonry.Such archaeological findings “provide invaluable insights into the history of this region,” Nozomu Kawai, who heads the Japanese team, told Egyptian media. Researchers believe that the tomb dates back to 2649 and 2150 BC.World’Hidden Wealth of Saqqara’: Discovery of 59 Mummies & God Statues Wows Egyptologists 12 October 2020, 11:47 GMTThe monolithic crypt’s interior design and the pottery adorning it point to its historical context. Other items in the burial chamber include a casket dating back to 1550-1295 BC, during the 18th Dynasty, with an alabaster jar inside it and later burials from the Ptolemaic era.Other items found inside the catacomb include an idol of the child deity Harpocrates — the god of silence — two statues crafted in terracotta symbolizing the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis, and a treasure trove of discoveries reminiscent of the much-later period of the Greek-descended Ptolemaic dynasty were also present.“We hope to uncover more secrets of the Saqqara archaeological site in the upcoming seasons, further enriching our understanding of this historically significant area,” Kawai said.


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