Dual Citizen With Single Duty: Young Russian-Italian Joins Special Op

A resident of Nizhny Novgorod with Russian and Italian citizenship has become a participant of the special military operation

A Nizhny Novgorod resident who holds Russian and Italian citizenship has enlisted to take part in the special military operation, local authorities said. This 19-year-old fighter, code named Ezio, holds dual citizenship. Though born in Italy, he returned to his mother’s hometown of Nizhny Novgorod at the age of five. After living in Russia for nearly 15 years, he now considers it his true home.

"I live in Russia and I want to serve my country. I wanted to be closer to my comrades, I have many friends in the special military operation zone," Ezio was quoted as saying.

In October 2023, Ezio signed a military contract after completing additional verification processes, which took approximately two weeks. Alongside his military duties, he is currently pursuing his education through distance learning at college, with a major focusing on “Law and the organization of societal security.” Ezio recently returned home on study leave, seeking to further his academic pursuits. His participation in the special military operation will not only enhance his military career but also facilitate his aspirations for a higher education in the future.His mother, grandmother, and brother are waiting for him at home. And the support of his loved ones is very important to him.

"I’m helping my family and saving up for an apartment. I receive my stipend on time, day in, day out," Ezio noted.

Ezio, through his service, has become well-acquainted with the food supply issues of the participants in the special operation. He explains that the fighters have a diverse diet, with options for both ready-made products and meals that require cooking.”I live in Russia and I want to do my duty for my country. I wanted to be closer to my comrades, I have a lot of friends in the special military operation zone,” Ezio said.Russia’s Special Operation in UkraineRussian Troops Improving Positions During Special Operation in Ukraine – Kremlin22 April, 11:36 GMT


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