Report: Chinese Warships Present in Middle East Amidst Israeli Violence in Gaza

Chinese warshipsInternationalIndiaAfricaReports coming out this week revealed that Chinese ships have been stationed in the Middle East since May. They were recently joined by the warships sent by the United States to the area last week, potentially increasing tensions.As Israel continues its campaign of airstrikes in Gaza, new reports reveal the Chinese People’s Liberation Army has stationed six warships in the Middle East this week.

The PLA’s 44th naval escort task force was in Oman conducting joint exercises with the country’s navy during routine operations that have seen the ships in the area since May. The ships included a guided-missile destroyer, an integrated supply ship, and a frigate.Americas‘Full Of Prejudice’: China Blasts US Report About Nuclear ArsenalYesterday, 21:31 GMTMeanwhile, the United States has sent ships to the eastern Mediterranean near Israel explicitly to protect US interests there, according to US National Security Council Spokesperson John Kirby.“The president as commander-in-chief is going to do what he has to do to look after [US] national security interests,” said Kirby to US media last week.The statement came after President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of Türkiye slammed the announced move, saying US military presence in the area would give Israel a green light to commit “massacres” in Gaza with implicit protection from the United States. The comment is significant as Türkiye and the United States are both NATO members.As of Thursday, the Dwight D Eisenhower carrier strike group was en route to the region, with the deployment of the USS Mount Whitney, another command ship, also announced.WorldParticipants of Cairo Summit Reach Agreement on Delivery of Aid to Gaza – Reports22:00 GMTIsrael’s bombing campaign in Gaza has killed 3,785 people so far according to the Gaza Ministry of Health.


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