Russian Troops Taking Better Positions in Special Military Op in All Directions Every Day – Putin

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MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The Russian armed forces are improving their tactical positions in all directions every day, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday. “Not only according to the results of last year … but starting from this year, our troops in all directions are constantly improving their position every day,” the president said at a meeting with commanders of military districts. All tasks assigned by the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff are completed, Putin added. The president also thanked former Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu for his work on building new armed forces.The more effective the work at the front line is, the greater the chances of resolving the situation in Ukraine peacefully are, Putin said.”When we tried to peacefully resolve this conflict [in Ukraine], unfortunately nothing worked out … The more effectively you work on the line of contact, the more chances we have to resolve this issue peacefully,” Putin said at a meeting with the commanders of the military districts.Vladimir Putin introduced new Russian Defense Minister Andrei Belousov to the commanders of military districts of the country.”Andrei Belousov has been appointed the new Minister of Defense,” Putin said at a meeting with the commanders of the military districts.AnalysisHow Andrei Belousov May Create Problems for Russia’s Adversaries as Defense Minister13 May, 18:05 GMTBelousov understands how to integrate the military economy into the general economy of the country, this is extremely important, Putin explained.”This is due, to the fact that spending on the military is growing,” Putin said.Russia’s total defense and security spending will amount to about 8.7% of the GDP in 2024, Vladimir Putin said.”In 2024, this year, our total defense and security spending will amount to about 8.7%, maybe a little more,” Putin said at a meeting with the commanders of the military districts.Increased defense and security spending gives an impetus to the development of industries in the country, the president said.”When increasing spending on defense and security, we proceed from the fact that all social obligations must be fulfilled to the citizens. Our national development goals must be achieved and must be achieved in all areas, including social development,” Putin added.


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